WeDo 2.0 Workshops

Themed workshops will be organised during the year.

Workshops would run for 2 or 3 hrs ideally on a Saturday afternoon.  Participation in workshops would not require any previous experience with Lego WeDo or Scratch Programming language so would be open to all.. 

  • All instructors are students or scientists

  • Participants split into groups by age and experience

  • Sessions taught in English, Italian or German

  • Bilingual one-on-one support (English-Italian and English-German)

A minimum of 7 participants is required for a workshop to take place!

so get friends to sign up

Course Information

  • Recommended Age: Workshop dependent

  • Course Duration: 2 or 3 hours

  • No prior coding necessary

  • All Instructors are students or scientists 

  • Session  taught in English or German

  • Bilingual one-on-one support (English-Italian and English-Germ 

STEM Based Curriculum

  • Assembly of LEGO robot models or design videogames

  • Science topics including: life, physical, earth, space sciences, engineering

Programming Skills

  • Graphical Based Programming using LEGO WeDo 2.0 App or Scratch 3.0

  • Programming Flowchart

  • Problem definition and step-wise solution formulation

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events
LEGO Spinning Top Challenge
Little Scientists
It's all about speed! LEGO workshop
LEGO Soccer Workshop

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