These General Terms and Conditions are a contractual agreement between parents and Little Scientists.
The German version of these General Terms and Conditions and the school contract are legally binding. This document is a courtesy translation only.

Parties to the Contract

The parties to the contract are, on the one hand, the student or, if he is a minor, his legal guardians, and on the other hand Little Scientists, Jonaweg 9, 8498 Gibswil.

Conclusion of Contract, Contractual Provisions and Registration Fee

The contract shall be concluded when submitting the registration form by the student and/or his legal guardians.
After the  contract has been submitted, Little Scientists shall charge a one-time registration fee based on the current price list. Little Scientists shall only guarantee reservation of the student’s place following timely payment of this fee. Little Scientists is entitled to withdraw from the contract should payment not be made on time.
Should the student decide not to make use of the place reserved for him, despite the fact that he and/or his legal guardians have already paid the registration fee, he and/or his legal guardians shall not be entitled to reimbursement.

Terms and Conditions of Payment and Late Payment

Fees are to be paid 3 weeks before the start of each class.
Should payment be delayed, Little Scientists reserves the right to commission a collection agency to recover the school fees. Little Scientists shall charge the debtor interest on arrears (5 percent p.a.), dunning costs (20 Swiss francs per reminder, beginning with the second) and collection charges.

Ordinary Termination of Contract

The school contract is terminated ordinarily upon conclusion of the agreed period of education.

Extraordinary Termination of Contract 

Little Scientists may terminate the school contract with immediate effect and without notice, if:

the student commits a serious disciplinary offence or a crime, or a serious breach of school rules.

the school fees are not paid despite receipt of a warning sent with signature confirmation.


By signing the school contract, the student and/or his legal guardians confirm that the student is covered by statutory health insurance in the event of an accident. Little Scientists  does not offer any additional accident insurance.

Liability for Damages

The student and/or his legal guardians shall be exclusively and completely liable for any and all damages incurred on the way to school or within the school itself.
Little Scientists , their employees, coaches/instructors, trainers, volunteers, directors, members and representatives , are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person while participating in any and all summer camp sanctioned activities, events, outdoor sessions or lunch activities, including injury, loss or damage which might be caused by the negligence of the school

Publications and the Internet

Upon signature of the school contract, the student and/or his legal guardians give their permission for photos and work of the student to be published in printed material, on displays within the school, on the school’s website or in e-newsletters. The student and/or his legal guardians may revoke this permission at any time in writing. However, it is not possible to revoke the permission for publication retroactively. A revocation will only be effective at the time of reissue of the medium in which photos or work of the student have been published.

Insurance velo camps:
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants in the velo camp.
No insurance is included in the package price. Cancellation and assistance insurance is recommended for all participants. Little Scientists and Bikeschule Zürcher-Oberland recommend that participants check their personal theft, accident, health and other insurance policies.
Little Scientists and Bikeschule Zürcher-Oberland endeavors to adhere to the organization of the agreed services.
Little Scientists and Bikeschule Zürcher-Oberland are not liable in the event of failure, force majeure or for an event that the Zürcher-Oberland bike school cannot be foreseen or avoided despite all due diligence.
The Zürcher-Oberland bike school assumes no liability for activities and excursions booked by a local organizer that are not organized by the Zürcher-Oberland bike school. Personal injury and damage to property due to the defective condition of the bike are also excluded.
On all bike tours (including day courses, short tours and weekends), wearing a certified bike helmet is mandatory. It is strongly recommended that you wear appropriate, good bike clothing, including bike gloves and glasses.
Participation in the offers of the Zürcher-Oberland bike school and Little Scientists is always your own responsibility and at your own risk!
Images / web content:
The resulting film and image material (on which the participants are shown) may be used for documentation and advertising in printed matter and the Internet without further questions. If we are not allowed to use someone's pictures, please let us know.




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