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Science Workshops
for Inquisitive Kids

Open to all children aged 9+

In 2022, Little Scientists will be running a year long series of themed workshops which cover all aspects of STEM from F1 car to Forensic Science and Cyber Security.

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CSI: Forensic Science. Whodunnit?

Students use forensic evidence, teamwork, and critical thinking to solve this CSI crime scene escape room. In the activities, students analyse 4 different pieces of evidence (fingerprints, shoe prints, unknown powder, and ink samples) and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power of observations to “crack the case” and prove their innocence by figuring out who really committed the crime.


LEGO Biology 

Learn about biology and the wonders of the DNA while building Lego models.
Look at cells through a microscope and explore the secrets of the living organisms.

lego dna.png
Electrical engineer working on circuit board



Using experiments and interactive labs, students will learn how to build series and parallel circuits, learn about electrical charges, make open and closed circuits, and learn how to recognize the difference between conductors and insulators.


Edible Chemistry and the Period Table  

Students will use M&Ms and Tic-Tacs to build an edible model of an atom of a randomly assigned element.

With the knowledge acquired they will have to solve the mystery of the periodic table.  By using the clues provided, students can identify the elements by reading the periodic table. After identifying elements with the provided clues students are asked to create their own mysteries by writing original clues!

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How do Helicopters fly?

Explore the science which allows helicopters to fly and then practice your flying skills with a real drone!

Drone floating


Physics Games

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CSI Mystery

Students will enjoy putting on their super spy caps and using their knowledge of science to solve these CSI Science Mysteries!

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Scary Chemistry Experiments 

Halloween-themed Chemistry Experiments - Come along and create your own spooky potions while learning about chemical reactions.  

Funny little girl doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the laboratory. Scienc


The Aerodynamics of F1 cars

Do you want to learn the secrets of aerodynamics which make F1 cars so fast?  An exciting workshop exploring the science behind the speed.

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Christmas Science

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