Junior Game Developer

Instead of playing games made by others, why not code up your own game?

Our Junior Game Developer course promises a fun entryway into the world of programming and game design.

More than a scratch coding class, the programme is designed to encourage logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be confronted with a game project or problem to tackle every session.



Students get to keep all game project that they created!


Course Information:

Recommended Age: 8+

Min Class Size: 7  students 

Course fees: Dependent on the Location

Course Duration: 

4 lessons to create a game (1h per lesson)


  • Laptop or Computer 

Scratch Coding Class

  • Block based Scratch programming

  • Creating a Scratch portfolio with an online Scratch account

Computational Thinking

  • Graphical Based Programming using Scratch 3.0

  • Programming Flowchart

  • Translating a game design into programming rule

What are we going to create:

Gorillas in the Maze:

Gorillas in the Maze is a simple game, that is an ideal way of taking first steps in game development using Scratch. The aim of the game is to guide a gorilla (a character from our SafariCAMP WeDo lesson plan) through the maze avoiding a terrible green monster who is trying to catch him, so it can reach a banana that is waiting for him at the end of the maze.

The exercise consists of 2 or 3 lessons, during which the students will learn how to make the gorilla move and program the other features of the game. They will also learn how to make the game more interesting by changing the mazes and animating the main character.


Our Pong is a single player game, and the objective is to bounce off the ball with the paddle. A point is given for each time the player bounces the ball, but at the same time the ball increases its speed, making the game more difficult.

In the course of this exercise the students will learn how to use mathematical formulas to calculate the angle at which the ball bounces off the paddle. The game also uses variables to store points and speed of the game.
2 or 3 lessons


Creating a quiz that times how fast you can get the right answer can be frustratingly good fun! In recent year’s apps that do exactly this have become hugely popular. Are you ready to learn how to build your very own quiz and test your friends and family?

Flying Bird:

Coming soon


Coming soon

Scratch classes will start again in September...

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