Founded in 2019

Little Scientists, based in Zurich, provides quality training and consultation services for educational institutions. Our organisation was formed with the goal of educating students in the field of science and technology using STEAM experiments, robotics and programming as the learning media. In the last past year, Little scientists has taught  robotics in a number of schools and associations in Canton Zurich imparting 21st century skill sets such as critical thinking and computer programming. 

Technology Literacy for All

Today, Little Scientists is  a growing organisation. We provide a variety of courses using LEGO® Education  tools and more projects are continuously being added. Our Staff comprises a select group of experienced and qualified scientists. 

What we offer:


Little Scientists programs can be offered in a variety of ways that can be tailored to the needs of the school and the children. We work flexibly to meet your needs.

We provide our own trained tutors, lesson plans, the software and exciting technology peripherals - everything you need for excellent, inspiring computing in your school.

Our workshops can be run as full day or half day workshops.
They can be focused exclusively on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) topics or can be tailored to work around specific curriculum themes being studied at school eg a period in history, the local environment etc or to support external initiatives eg Science Week, Safer Internet Day or particular groups of children eg Gifted and Talented.


Exciting and innovative technology-based sessions ideally suited to holiday programs.
Not every child wants to play sport all holiday. Little Scientists is the perfect solution for those looking for fun in a sociable setting while stretching their creativity, their brain cells and learning new skills.
We offer our own holiday programs and also work with other local camp providers. Ask us for more details


We provide team mentoring and guidance and we believe that any robot programming or design should be conceptualised by students, not the instructors.