Girls Tech: new programming and robotics classes for girls

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Why should girls be involved in science and technology? Technology surrounds us and we all use it in everyday life. This explains why programming related jobs are amongst the highest paid in Europe. Unfortunately, women are still under represented in some fields such as high and medium-high technology manufacturing where only 17% of scientists and engineers are female. In Switzerland specifically, only 11% of STEM subject graduates are women. Could we change this trend and offer our girls the same opportunities as their male counterparts? We are absolutely convinced that we can. An early exposure to coding is critical for triggering an interest in programming and to open the door for them onto the path to find jobs which offer more career-long potential, flexibility and higher salaries. For this reason we have decided to start coding and robotics classes aimed specifically for girls. We are going to offer monthly and weekly classes where they can learn in an environment in which they will feel more comfortable and confident to show their true potential. We are waiting for you!

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