Holidays Camps

Little Scientists organizes camps during the school holidays in different locations in canton Zurich


Students Each day the campers will build new robots, such as dinosaurs, cars, flying machines and humanoids and then give life to them using the programs they create themselves.They will learn how to build robots with a walking mechanism, convert rotational motion into translational motion, increase force with levers, gears and belt drives and work with motion and tilt sensors. 

Campers learn problem solving, teamwork and creativity all while having fun.​

Camps themes are different from weekly clubs and workshops

Course Information

  • Recommended Age: 8+

  • No prior coding necessary

  • Course Fee: Dependent on location

  • Course Duration: 4 or 5 day depending on date and location

  • Bilingual one-on-one support (all instructors speak English-Italian or English - German)

  • Morning and afternoon outdoor brake

STEM Based Curriculum

  • Assembly of LEGO robot models

  • Science topics including: life, physical, earth, space sciences, engineering

Programming Skills

  • Graphical Based Programming using LEGO WeDo 2.0 App or Scratch 

  • Programming Flowchart

  • Problem definition and step-wise solution formulation

Camps Themes

Space journey. This camp challenges the kids to create a colony on a distant planet. It combines robot construction with Scratch programming and game design to achieve the maximum student involvement in the learning process.

Space Camp
Dino Camp

Dino Camp. This camp offers a unique opportunity to revive the prehistoric world in the classroom. Children are introduced to the classification of dinosaurs, when they lived and why they disappeared, they learn more about the periods of the prehistoric world and the history of paleontological discoveries, they learn about the food chain of those times and the way of movement of living beings. 

Early robotics. This camp focuses on the technologies that modern children face. Robotic mechanisms are increasingly becoming part of our lives. Therefore, we strive to talk about them as much as possible with the students and demonstrate the kind of robotics which are now integral parts of our daily lives.

Cities. During this camp, students will create the robots that help to make cities more comfortable, cleaner and more safe.  Students are challenged to create a near future urban civilisation (themes include ecology, life safety, modern building, agriculture and effective using of the natural resources). 

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Reviving the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs!
Hauch den Dinosauriern wieder Leben ein!
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