Holiday Camps

5 day camp - Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 

Little Scientists organizes camps during the school holidays in different locations in canton Zurich

Our camps are the perfect balance between learning and playing. Campers will spend the day learning about robotics and programming but also playing exciting games and having fun with their camp mates.


Each day the campers will build new robots, such as dinosaurs, cars, flying machines and humanoids and then give life to them using the programs they create themselves. They will learn how to build robots with a walking mechanism, convert rotational motion into translational motion, increase force with levers, gears and belt drives and work with motion and tilt sensors. 

Campers will also learn coding using ScratchJr (a programming language develop for younger children.

Children will experience the first principles of programming moving colorful instruction block to make characters jump, sing, play and talk) and Scratch  (they will learn the concepts of loops and variables, create simple games and animate stories all in a fun and enjoyable way). Additional challenges will be set to suit camper’s abilities

Campers learn problem solving, teamwork and creativity all while having fun.​

Camps themes are different from weekly clubs and workshops

Course Information

  • Recommended Age: 8+

  • No prior coding necessary

  • Course Fee: Dependent on location

  • Course Duration: 4 or 5 day depending on date and location

  • Bilingual one-on-one support (all instructors speak English-Italian or English - German)

  • Morning and afternoon outdoor brake

STEM Based Curriculum

  • Assembly of LEGO robot models

  • Science topics including: life, physical, earth, space sciences, engineering

Programming Skills

  • Graphical Based Programming using LEGO WeDo 2.0 App, ScratchJr or Scartch

  • Programming Flowchart

  • Problem definition and step-wise solution formulation

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Upcoming Events at Wac Uster

Robotics and Programming for kids aged 9 to 11
Robotics and Programming for kids aged 5 to 8

Upcoming Events at Tadah Zurich

Programmierung und Coding für Kinder von 5 bis 8 Jahre alt.
Tadah Coworking Space
Programmierung und Coding für Kinder von 9 bis 11/12 Jahre alt.
Tadah Coworking Space

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