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Little Scientists organizes camps during the school holidays in Uster and Zurich.

Our camps are the perfect balance between learning and playing. Campers will spend the day learning about STEM subjects  but also playing exciting games and having fun with their camp mates.

Students will be exposed to Early Learning LEGO sets, WeDo 2.0, LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime solutions with fun and engaging lessons so they stay focused and enthusiastic.

Kids will be challenged to complete exciting learning missions that will be the building blocks for their culminating project.

Each day the campers will build new LEGO robots, such as dinosaurs, cars, flying machines and humanoids and then give life to them using the programs they create themselves using the WeDo or the new Spike Prime LEGO Sets. They will learn how to build robots with a walking mechanism, convert rotational motion into translational motion, increase force with levers, gears and belt drives and work with motion and tilt sensors. 

Campers will also learn coding using ScratchJr, a programming language developed for younger children which teaches the principles of programming by moving colourful instruction blocks to make characters jump, sing, play and talk or,  Scratch 3.0 which teaches the concepts of loops and variables to create simple games and animate stories in a fun and enjoyable way. 


Additional challenges will be set to suit camper’s abilities

Campers learn problem solving, teamwork and creativity all while having fun.​

Camp themes are different from weekly clubs and workshops

AGED 10 TO 12




How many children will attend the camp and how many members of staff will supervise the campers?

We normally have 1 instructor for every 5-6 children for our younger students and 1 for every 7 children for the older students.  We also have one instructor who moves between the groups as required to give additional help. This allows us to give the children the necessary level of attention and also allows us to take the children outside for play breaks at lunchtime safely.

Can I book Individual days?

Our camp  activities use the knowledge of the previous days as the week progresses; therefore we cannot offer individual days.

How do I book? 

You can book places at our camps by clicking on the desired location and dates at the bottom of this page.  Registration and payment is then completed via our booking service. 

What is the refund Policy

Please check our Terms and Conditions

What are the Covid precautions?

We follow the Kanton Zurich Guidelines and the Coronavirus protection measurements for schools very carefully. During the camp, all members of staff wear masks and respect (as much as working with children allows)  social distancing recommendations. 

We encourage the children to wash their hands regularly: before and after snack or lunch or after visiting the park at lunchtime. 

All our equipment is regularly sanitised and the children will have their own Lego sets and tablets for the duration of the camp to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Symptomatic members of staff and children will be asked to go home or stay at home and are not allowed to attend the camp until they have received a negative Covid test result. 

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