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Science for All Initiative 

Our mission: Promoting STEM

Our mission is to offer high quality STEM classes which are affordable for families from all socio-economic backgrounds. Recent education studies have shown that children from high income families are more likely to succeed in school.

Little Scientists would like to do their part in helping to reverse these trends by offering children from all backgrounds the same opportunities to attend extra-curricular activities, improve their knowledge of science, increase their self-esteem as part of a team and encourage them to follow a career path in STEM-based subject areas.

Strong kid with weight lifting doodle on school chalkboard for equal opportunity awareness


  • Support an inclusive educational project

  • Associate your name with the values conveyed by our association: accessibility & diversity, sharing, solidarity, determination

  • Help to forge talented, future engineers and scientists who could be the next generation for Swiss companies

  • Offer students unique STEM courses like F1 in Schools

Why collaborate with us
How to support us

Become a committed partner and help to subsidise our personnel costs

This sponsoring could subsidise registration fees for girls and economically disadvantaged children

Help us to buy new equipment and/or donate us dismissed technological materials

Any donation would help us to increase the capacity of our activities.

The reuse of old materials would reduce our ecological impact

Sponsor our events

This sponsoring could mean zero costs for the participants of a specific event or subsidised fees for a series of events

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