At Little Scientists we aim to show our students the importance of science in our life and what it can do for us all. This helps them connect to the wonderful world of STEM, no matter what their interests are.
Our diverse syllabus includes age-adjusted topics from Engineering, Robotics, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Maths. Our project-based creative science classes involve practical hands-on experiments. We combine education with a fun and practical approach in order to foster your child's innate curiosity.

Excited Children in Science Class


Weekly Classes 

Where: Schule Dandelion

What: robotics, coding, science clubs

Aged: 3 to 12

Our discovery programs are super engaging for students, while providing them with real-world STEM education using LEGO tools, visual programming languages and engaging experiments.

When: Monday to Friday. Participants typically meet once per week, over a period of 10/12 weeks, and enjoy a full hour of hands-on, fun science experiences.


Monthly Activities

Where: WAC, Uster and FiZ, Wetzikon

What: Robotics and Coding

Aged: 3 to 12

Exiting themed workshops engaging kids in fun experiments where LEGO robots and Computer Programming are used to explore different aspects of science, history and nature.

Speed, medieval tournaments, forces are only few of the topics of our weekends adventures 

When: Saturdays or Sundays



During the school holidays 

Where: Schule Dandelion and WAC Uster 

Aged: 5 to 12

Our holiday camps are the perfect balance between learning, playing and moving. Children learn robotics, STEM subjects and Programming language while having fun. The program of the holiday camps include outdoor activities or (when it is possible) sport which is organised in collaboration with local sports clubs.  

When: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00


LEGO Robotics Birthday Parties

Aged: 5 to 12

Duration: 2 hours

Love LEGO? Have a blast at our LEGO robotics birthday parties, where party-goers build LEGO models and program them to move, respond to sensors and make sounds.