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Instead of playing games made by others, why not code up your own game?

Our Scratch Beginner Course promises a fun entryway into the world of programming and game design.

More than a scratch coding class, the programme is designed to encourage logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be confronted with a game project or problem to tackle every session.

Students get to keep all game project that they created!

Course Information:

Recommended Age: 8+

Min Class Size: 5  students 

Level: Beginner

Course fees: 220CHF

Course Duration: 10 Lessons + 1 Assignment 


  • Laptop or Computer for programming

  • Laptop or Computer or Tablet for watching the lesson

Scratch Coding Class

  • Block based Scratch programming

  • Creating a Scratch portfolio with an online Scratch account

Computational Thinking

  • Graphical Based Programming using Scratch 3.0

  • Programming Flowchart

  • Translating a game design into programming rule


Scratch classes will start again in august 

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