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What we organise: Weekly clubs, camps and workshops

Where: a number of different locations in Canton Zurich


Languages: English, Italian and German.

What we use:  LEGO Education tools (depending on age).

Age Range: All children aged 3 to 13.

The lessons are organised in modules of increasing complexity depending on the age and previous experience of the students ensuring that everyone is challenged.

In each module the children will be divided on the basis of their age

(typically 2 kids per group to maximise cooperation and time with the tools)

SalZH Wetzikon, Freitag (1630-1800) - Wöchentlicher Club JUPITER (9 bis 11 Jahre alt)
WAC Uster, Thursday (1630 -1800), Weekly Club JUPITER (aged 8 to 11)
WAC Uster, Saturday (0930-1100) - Weekly Club PLUTO (aged 6 to 8)
WAC Uster, Saturday (1430-1600) - Weekly Club JUPITER (aged 8 to 11)
WAC Uster, Monday (1630-1800) Weekly Club PLUTO (aged 6 to 8)
SalZH Wetzikon, Montag (1630-1800), Wöchentlicher Club PLUTO (6 bis 8 Jahre alt)
Holiday Camp: Space Discovery - WAC - April
Ferienlager: Safari Camp- SalZH - April

Examples of typical WeDo projects

WeDo parabolic motion launcher triggered by sensing motion

WeDo rotating satellite

WeDo racing car started and stopped by sensing motion 

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