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“Every child deserves to know the amazing world of Science” S.R.

All about the project 

From January 2022, Little Scientists will start to promote affordable STEM educational activities in Gemeinde Zentrum and Familien Zentrum in Kanton Zurich (together with our already established activities on offer in Uster, Zürich and Zollikon) in order to reach out to local families who otherwise may not be able access or not do not consider the importance of science-based activities for children.

The aims of our project are:

  •  to offer high quality STEM classes which are affordable for families from all socio-economic backgrounds but also to encourage more girls to become involved in science and technology-based activities.  Recent education studies have shown that children from high income families are more likely to succeed in school and that women are still in the minority in higher levels of the scientific workplace.  We would like to do a small part in helping to reverse these trends by offering children from all backgrounds the same opportunities to attend extra-curricular activities, improve their knowledge of science, increase their self-esteem as part of a team and encourage them to follow a career path in STEM-based subject areas. 

  • To encourage more girls in technology we will aim to maximise the number of female instructors and assistants who can act as role models for girls and show them that STEM is also for women.

  • to offer women who are not in work an opportunity to do so and be involved in STEM education. During the period of the funding, we would train a women who has been out of the job market (for example for a long maternity pause) and has found it difficult to get back to work.  After the training period of approx. a year, she will then oversee the project for the two locations which the funding has been allocated to.

  • to offer teaching assistant positions to young students (aged 14 and above) who are either undecided on which path to follow or who have made the decision to follow a path in STEM.  We are looking to develop their leadership and communication skills while offering them an opportunity to share their passion for science.  We have already piloted this in some of our current activities and it has worked well for us, the children attending the courses and for the students. The students can see how applied science can be fun and engaging while learning new skills from the instructors while the children look up to the students as role models.

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